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La Terraza Del Pipila public parking lot is located on the Carretera Panoramica about 50 ft/15mt from Pipila's right hand with the torch. This is the only parking lot in the area. To reach this parking lot, set your GPS for Monumento Del Pipila. Let the lot men know that you will be living with Carmen and Rick. They will help you and bring you home. Many thanks to our friend Ing. Rubén Rodríguez Nieto, the builder, owner and operator of this lot. Thanks to Rubén, Casa Zuniga guests park for free.


Our internet is via Megacable Mexico. WIFI access is via hardwired access points throughout the home. The WIFI password is casazuniga, no caps or space.


The top entrance to the house is right across from the top entrance to the Funicular station. In just 90 seconds the Funicular will take you to the very center of the village 90 meters down. Erick Knapp and his father Eduardo Knapp of the Funicular and Hotel Balcon Del Cielo are nice enough to help us out so that Casa Zuniga guests ride the Funicular for free. BTW, Hotel Balcon Del Cielo has a fantastic view of the Centro.

Swimming Pool

Pool,...Yes, however not the Copacabana, Piña Colada, little umbrella type. We whipped this up to do laps. It goes with the gym. It's solar heated. If you want to use it, just roll up the heat pad then cover the pool back up when you're done. Make yourself at home. You're staying with friends. Ask for a pool towel.


Guests are welcome to use my home gym. However,...please keep in mind tthat the equipment has been modify and/or made to fit my exact needs.


Breakfast,....some delicious fancy cheese on some lightly toasted yeast bread with the crust cut off. You can get that but not here. Every morning at 9:00 we have a Mexican style, Sunday morning breakfast. That special breakfast that you have when a bunch of family or friends stay over. In the morning, we all sit down share that special breakfast that we whip up for our friends that stayed over:) We make this breakfast from scratch every morning starting at 7:30 and do everything possible to have it ready on time at 9:00. If you're looking for some coffee, tea, etc., come down to the kitchen anytime after 7:30. We do not have menus. We are just too rushed and not enough burners to make special meals. Our meals include pork, beef, chicken, mushrooms, cheese, cream, butter, plus some good stuff.

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No deposit required when you book by email CasaZunigaBandB@gmail.com give us your dates, number of guests and we will pick out the best room. You may

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If you arrive by bus, the Guanajuato bus station is about 6 1/2 km outside of Guanajuato. Catch a cab just outside of the bus station and ask the cab

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Amenities include: Free parking above the home. free wifi throughout the home free breakfast at 9:00 Mexican family style and free use of the

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