Posted by: Casa Zuniga Posted on: febrero 7, 2018

Breakfast,….some delicious fancy cheese on some lightly toasted yeast bread with the crust cut off. You can get that but not here. Every morning at 9:00 we have a Mexican style, Sunday morning breakfast. That special breakfast that you have when a bunch of family or friends stay over. In the morning, we all sit down share that special breakfast that we whip up for our friends that stayed over:) We make this breakfast from scratch every morning starting at 7:30 and do everything possible to have it ready on time at 9:00. If you’re looking for some coffee, tea, etc., come down to the kitchen anytime after 7:30. We do not have menus. We are just too rushed and not enough burners to make special meals. Our meals include pork, beef, chicken, mushrooms, cheese, cream, butter, plus some good stuff.



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